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Related post: Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 11:25:44 PST From: Candy Kane Subject: Pussy CatsWARNING: This story is a 11 yo nude lolitas work of fiction that contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between females. If this type of uncensored loli hentai galleries content offends you, or you are under the age of 18, do not read it.PUSSY CATS by Candy KaneMy name is Alicia, and I had just joined the high school cheerleader's squad midway through the fall football season. The football team was called the Wild Cats and the unofficial preteen lolitas photo gallery nickname for the cheerleaders was the lolita top site nude Pussy Cats for more reasons than one. I had always heard that the cheerleader's squad was very close and did everything together. I soon found out just how close.After my first practice with them, the head cheerleader, Kim, invited Lucy, Sara, Debbie, Kathy, and me over to her house to spend the night. Her parents were away and she told us we would have the place to ourselves. Once we had devoured nude little lolas models a large pizza and a couple of six packs of beer, everyone had a good buzz going. The conversation quickly turned to sex and soon we were all complaining how horny we were and how much we needed to get off. Then Kim said she had a movie for us preteen lolitas bbs photos to watch. We settled in around the living room and she put the videotape in the VCR."This should get everybody in the mood for some fun," Kim said and pressed play. It turned out to be an all-girl porno flick called "Bush Country". This was my first look at lesbian love and I had to admit it was free underage lola pics a turn-on. I could feel my crotch getting moist as I watched.Not long after the movie started, Kathy produced a couple of joints from her backpack and we lit up. Once we had passed the first one around and lit the second, Debbie started taking a hit and blowing the smoke into Sara's mouth. After nude 10yr lolita cp about the third legal lolita art pics time, they weren't just non nude cutie lolita sharing sex young lolitas russian the joint, teen mini sun lolita they were making out. As they French kissed, Debbie moved her hand under Sara's skirt. Sara leaned back with her eyes lolitas pre teens modellis closed and opened her legs so tiny lolita boys model Debbie could play with her. At this point, I was stoned, horny, and getting more turned on by the minute. After some intense necking, Debbie and Sara undressed and started making love in a sixty-nine on the couch amature lolita model pic across the room.Lucy had gone to pee, and when she came little angels preteen lolita back she was naked. She walked over to Kathy who was sitting next to me and knelt in front of her. She ran her hands along the tops of Kathy's bare legs until they naked small girl lolita were up lolita art bbs forum under her short cheerleader skirt. "I want my dessert now," she said.Kathy slid her butt down and pulled her skirt up above her waist exposing her panties. "How about some cherry pie?" she said and spread her legs.My breathing quickened as I watched Lucy pull the top of Kathy's panties down. While Lucy played with Kathy's pubic hair, she looked up at me and asked, "Do you like nymphet teeny lolita angel to be eaten, Alicia?""I love it," I said, taking a deep breath."Male or female?" Lucy asked."What?" I asked."You know, do you like it better when a boy licks you or a girl?""I've never had a girl . . .""Oh, a virgin." She winked at Kathy and said, "That's lolita top video clips why Kim said she wanted Alicia first." They both giggled as she pulled the crotch of Kathy's panties aside and kissed her pussy."It's much better when a girl does it," Kathy said and gave out a little squeal when Lucy started licking. "Especially this girl. She can give head better than anybody loli top model world I know." As she ran her fingers through Lucy's hair, she brought her feet up and spread herself so Lucy could get to her ass.I wasn't sure what Lucy meant about Kim wanting me first, but I got a little tingle imagining the possibilities. As far as being eaten, sometimes lolita supper model top my boyfriend did it before we fucked, but he was always rough and clumsy. Although I faked it a lot, he could never make me come. I was dying to see what a girl's soft mouth and warm tongue felt like. Between the ******** in the movie, watching Debbie and Sara making love, and now Lucy eating Kathy, I was definitely ready to try it. Lucy gripped the elastic top of Kathy's panties, and as preteen nymphettes and lollipops Kathy raised lolitas kids nude beath her ass up, Lucy slipped them to her knees. "Mmmm," she young stories lolita 11yr said lolitas preteen art pictures sniffing the wet crotch. "A cheerleader in heat. My favorite kind." Then she slid them off and tossed them over her shoulder. "You aren't gonna need those tonight."Kathy pulled the top of her cheerleader uniform over her head. Like the rest of us, she didn't wear a bra. Her small, firm breasts looked so inviting with cute little nipples that stuck out rock hard. She played with them while Lucy licked her. I was so turned on at the sight of my new girlfriends having sex that I got light headed. underage lolita pussy show Then I felt Kim come up from behind and lean over the back of the couch. lolita the killer whale She motioned toward the movie and said, "Don't you just love boys naked teen lolita ********?" She pulled my chin around and looked into my eyes. "Watching 12 years teen lolitas them makes me wanna fuck somebody." girl angel preteen lolitas Then she whispered in my ear, "Bet you can't guess who.""Me," I said and closed my eyes.She kissed me and I let her put her best nude lollies photos tongue in my mouth. It was the first time I'd kissed a girl and it felt totally different than a boy: so soft and tender. I loved the taste of her strawberry lipstick and the delicate scent of her perfume. She hadn't been wearing it before and I preteen lolita tgp galleries wondered if she put it on just for me. Kim moved her tongue all around lolita nude preteen little the inside of my mouth, exploring everywhere. Kissing bbs best lol loli her was so sexy anya dasha ruslana loli and romantic. While we made out, I could hear the slurping and sucking sounds of Lucy licked Kathy."Have you ever done it with a girl?" Kim asked when we broke the kiss and she looked deep italiam loli babes nude into my eyes."No, but I've fantasized about it," I said.Kim kissed my cheek. "Then I'll make your fantasies come true," she said cupping my breast and pinching my nipple.All I could do was moan. Her voice was seductive, her touch electrifying. My breathing deepened and my hand instinctively went between my legs. I had watched lots of girls make out in the bathrooms at school and I had even seen girls fingering each other in the showers. The straight girls called them queer but I was fascinated and bbs little lolita nuds figured it had to be lots of fun or so many girls wouldn't be trying it. I hoped tonight would be the night that I got my first taste.Kathy's little yelps were getting louder and I realized that Lucy was about to give her girlfriend an orgasm. She begged Lucy to fuck her harder as she wrapped her legs around the other girl's head and buried her teen star model lolita fingers in her hair. pre teen lolitas sluts Meanwhile, Kim was doing incredible things to my nipples sending little sparks down my body that turned into fireworks between my legs. I was dizzy and I closed my eyes. I needed to get out teen bbs rompl lolita of my clothes; my body was on fire with desire."I'm going to show you how much fun girlfriends can have together," Kim said as she planted little kisses all over my neck and face while she played with my nipples. Just then, Kathy arched her back, rose a few inches off the couch, and cried out with a squeal. Lucy's face was covered with Kathy's north carlolina vital records juice as she continued to lick her girlfriend until she brought her to a second and then a third orgasm.Then Kim whispered, reading lolita in theran "Come on, Alicia. Let's go to my bedroom and play." She came around the couch and took my hand.I carefully got up trying not to disturb Kathy who was still coming off her orgasms. Kim led me across the room, and as we walked past the other couch, Sara looked up and said, "I bet I know where you two are going.""You don't think they're going to have sex, do you?" Debbie said and they both giggled.Sara said, "Maybe we'll come join you guys later.""Much later," Kim said little lolitas wearing panties with a big smile and gave me a protective hug. "She's forbbiden sample pretten lolita all mine." Then she turned around backwards and took my hands, pulling me down the hall, never taking her new japan lolitas bbs eyes off mine."It must be true love," very young lola nude Sara said, and stuck her face back in Debbie's ass.As soon as we were in the bedroom, I put forum real loli teen my arms around Kim's neck and she ran her hands down my hips and under my short underage lolta sex pictures skirt. Grabbing my ass, she slipped her hands under my bikini panties, rubbing my cheeks and sliding a finger up and down my crack."I couldn't take my eyes off you at practice today, Alicia," Kim said. "All I could think about was fucking you." She pushed her finger against lolita bbs panty pics my anus 101 lolitas top 100 dark lill lollita bbs and slid her leg between my lolita and nymphet bbs legs. tiny lolly pop lick "I'm so hot for you, I'm dripping.""Then what are you going to do about it," I said with a sly grin."I'm gonna make pre teen lolita xxx you scream," she said and took a step backwards. Kim slipped out of her cheerleader uniform and panties, tossing them aside. With a sexy sway of her hips, she squatted down until her face was level with my crotch. lolita russian pic sites I held my skirt up for her and she reached out and pulled my panties down. "God, Alicia, I didn't know you shave! Your pussy is so beautiful."Kim leaned forward until her nose pressed against my bare skin and then she placed the sweetest, most tender kiss on my slit. She breathed in my scent and said, "You smell heavenly.""You're so sweet," I said, stroking her hair.She looked up at me little miss nude lolita and licked her lips. "Alicia, I'm so glad I'm gonna be your first girl." "Me too," I said, my heart racing.Kim lovingly slid my panties off my legs and xxx lolita 6 13 I stepped out of them. Then, with her eyes locked on mine, she reached between her legs and wiped her wet pussy on them. I shook with arousal as I watched her slowly work the little ball of silk up inside her until it disappeared.Kim stood up and teen little lolitas modelos rested her arms on my shoulders. She spread her feet apart and said, "You pics free lolita childs can have them back now, sweet baby."I had never been this aroused in my life as russian lolita sex clips I slid the palm of my hand down her flat stomach and across her trimmed patch of fur. I cupped her pussy and gently rubbed it, working two fingers young lolita pussy beauty between her folds until I found a tiny bit of material sticking out. Pulling on lolita boy year old it a fraction of an inch at a time, I slowly slid my panties out of young models dark lolitas her vagina."Oh my God, you can't imagine how erotic that feels," Kim said, her eyes closed, her breathing rapid. "Oh fuck, you're driving me crazy."When I finally got them out, they were soaked. As I brought them to lolita boys image board my nose, I knew I would never wash them but would keep them under my mattress so I could smell her pussy every night when I masturbated. "You're such a nasty girl," I said, breathing in the scent of her sex and wiping them on my nose and mouth. "Nasty girls have more fun," Kim said, helping me out of my uniform. color climax lolita schoolgirls "You know what I'm going to do to you?""Please tell me," I pleaded, barely able to talk."I'm gonna rub my wet pussy all over you."All I could do was moan as she tossed my clothes aside. "Do you guys do this often?" I asked standing 110 lolitas free gallery naked in front of her."Whenever we're in the mood," she said. "Which is just about every minute of the day."We both laughed and I said, "But don't you like doing boys?""Sure." She hopped on the bed and opened her arms, inviting me to get on top of her. "But our parents won't let us go on dates except on the young preteen lolitanon nude weekends which means we can only do it with a boy once or twice a week. So in between, we do each other. I mean, can you imagine teens preteens lolitas pics going a whole day without having sex with someone besides yourself?"I gently laid down on her and she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. "Besides," Kim said, licking her lips, "pussy juice is low in calories and tastes great."We giggled and then she kissed me and pornstar world guarras lolitas pushed her damp very small lolita sex crotch into mine. "You know what they say," she whispered, holding me tightly, "all boys are brothers and all girls are ********."A wave of forbidden desire swept over me as Kim ground her crotch into mine. We touched and caressed, her soft whispers of love and lust filled my ears, and I felt her warm breath on my face. I realized I wanted her lolita naked 11yo pussies more than anything. She was so incredibly soft and gentle, and so wet. Finally, I couldn't wait any longer so I rolled over and spread my legs, letting her know what was between them was her's completely. Kim kissed her way down between my breasts taking each nipple and sucking as hard as she could. free female lolita mpegs It sent an instant shock wave through me; I could feel blood rush to my crotch, my vagina lips swelling and flairing open, and my clit throbbing to my racing heart."Eat me, Kim," I beggedShe stuck the tip of her tongue in my navel and then said, "Say please.""Please," I begged again."Please what?""Please eat me!" I screamed."I told you I'd make you scream," she said proudly. "And I'll eat you when I'm natural angels lolita bbs good and ready." She got up and straddled my chest with her legs. I could see her beautiful pussy lips spread wide lolita kids porno pusy and hanging down, glistening with moisture. I tried to touch them but she stopped me. "It's not your turn," she said. Kim gave out a sexy little growl and said, "First, being the bitch in heat that I am, I'm going to mark my territory." videos of litle lolitas She reached down and pulled the little fleshy hood back exposing her clitoris. Making delicate circles around it with her finger, she stimulated it until it stuck out and swelled up to the maduritas guarras lolitas madrid size of a large pea. Then she started rubbing her dripping pussy on me, moving up to my breasts and magic lolita free pictures smearing her warm 100 best lolita sites honey on my rock hard nipples.Her juice had a tangy peppery fragrance that took youngest ever lolita porn my senses to a higher level of arousal. Watching her masturbate on me was so wanton, so sexy, so nasty, so little baby russian lolitas wonderful. I couldn't take my eyes off that patch of short wet fur, those lovely puffy lips that opened like a flower to reveal her pink sugar walls, and her slender finger with its bright red nail polish that danced with such feminine grace around her clit.My nipples pointed straight up and shined with a slick coating of Kim's honey. My chest heaved and my pulse raced as she moved lolita nymphets dark pussy down and rubbed herself on my legs leaving a wet trail of girl-cum. She smiled elie tahari lolita dress at me and said, "When you wake adult loli image boards up tomorrow, sweet baby, all you're gonna smell is my cunt." She took my feet and gently rubbed my cp lolita model nude toes on her vagina. Then she put each one in her mouth and licked them clean before sticking them back inside her pussy again. "Turn over," she said when she'd finished.I hq lolitas nude photo got on my stomach and she rubbed herself up the back of my legs until she was straddling my ass. As she continued to stimulate her clitoris, she spread her honey all over my cheeks and used her finger to work it down in my crack. Then she bent over and whispered in my ear, "Now if any girl comes sniffing around down there, she'll know you belong to me."Kim home lolita free pics pressed her breasts against my back and kissed her way down until she had her face in my ass. "You're only a minute away from heaven, sweet baby," she said and ran her tongue down my crack, stopping to probe and lick my anus. No one had ever licked my bottom before and I adored how the tip of her tongue teased my ass. Suddenly, her mouth was on my pussy.I stuck my bottom up in the air and Kim licked and kissed my vagina with the passion of a person obsessed. She young lolita pussy galleries was right. In less than sixty seconds, I was in heaven, screaming with ecstasy as she licked and sucked my clit while she fucked me with her fingers. It was the jail bait lolita girls most incredible orgasm I'd ever had, young lolita rape movies and after laying there for a few moments to catch my breath, I rolled over and held my arms open. She moved up on top of me and I took her face in my hands and pulled her to me."I'm in love with this mouth of yours," I said, slipping my tongue inside her mouth and finding the lingering taste of my pussy."Now it's my turn," I said after we'd kissed for an eternity. I grabbed her ass and maneuvered her up until she was straddling my head, her beautiful sex only inches from my mouth. I'd never seen a naked girl this close up and my heart was about to jump from my chest. I took in a deep breath, savoring the fragrance of her sex and salty lolitas or kids nudes sweat, and the other sweet surprises that can only be found in the moist shadows between a girl's legs. Pulling her to me, I kissed her and then let my tongue slide between her petals and deep into her flower. Kim purred as I entered her. Her short pubic hair tickled my nose while I licked ls model magazine lolita her slit until tiny young lolita models it opened wide and let me drink the very essence of her sex.Kim reached back and slipped her hand between my legs, stoking and fingering me. I thought I heard the bedroom door open but angels lolita small preteen her legs were wrapped around my head so tightly I couldn't be sure. A moment later, I knew we weren't alone. Kim's fingers disappeared, replaced with a warm, soft mouth. Then I felt someone else on the bed beside me and I opened my eyes to see Sara French kissing Kim. As I continued to eat Kim, Sara leaned down and sucked on her breasts. At the same time, my mystery lover's tongue was inside me and I could feel my orgasm building. With my right hand, I reached around and found Sara's ass. I worked my finger down her crack until I found her tight little hole. She repositioned herself so I could get to it, and with little resistance, I slipped my finger inside her rectum. It was so tight and warm, and I had such a rush knowing I was fucking her ass.The orgasm ripped through me at the exact moment Kim's body shook with hers. I tried to keep eating her but I was so dizzy with passion, I almost passed out. Kim slowly rolled off me and collapsed on the bed. Even before I could catch my breath, Sara swung her leg over me and moved up on top in a sixty-nine. sun lolita bbs japanese Her pussy was flared wide open and her bush was soaked and matted with girl-cum from all her love pre lolita bbs boards making with Debbie. I was able to sneak a peek at who was between my legs and it turned out to be Debbie. She gave me a big smile just before Sara mounted me. I moaned when I realized I was going to be eaten by two girls at once.Sara eased her pussy down on my mouth and I went to work licking her. I heard some giggles and felt the bed bounce. I guessed Lucy and Kathy had also joined us, and judging from the immediate cries of pleasure, I knew they were making love to Kim.So little bbs lolita fun now I knew why they were free preteens lolitas tgp nicknamed the Pussy Cats. We fucked for hours that night, everyone getting a chance to have sex with preteen russian lolita galleries everyone else many times over. And when we were finally so worn out we couldn't have had another orgasm if we tried, the Pussy sexy top kds lolitas Cats with their newest member, me, snuggled up together and fell asleep, my pussy still damp and my dreams very wet. Naturally, Kim fell asleep in my arms. After all, she was my first girl.Send comments to: rytr33hotmail.com
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